Contact a child welfare lawyer in Calgary to help you understand the process, get advice and representation.

When child protection agencies become involved parents may become confused, scared and need legal help.

The provincial government's child intervention or child protection service becomes involved if someone from the community reports to it concerns about a child's safety and well-being. Teachers, school counsellors, neighbours, friends, family and anyone else can report concerns about children not being cared for and supervised by parents or guardians.

Such concerns may relate to child neglect and or abuse including physical, emotional and sexual abuse. If the parent or guardian of a child is unable to protect the child from harm then the government's child and family services become involved. If the guardian is unable to do everything to make sure that the child is safe then it may be necessary for the child to be placed in temporary or permanent care.

If parents or a family becomes involved with a child intervention or child protection service it is important to address the child's safety and well-being with tips such as:

  • develop a strong, reliable support network of friends, family, extended family, cultural and community supports
  • create a safety plan
  • call a lawyer experienced with the Child, Youth & Family Enhancement Act and practices child welfare and protection law, get a lawyer involved early on not later for good results
  • unless you may be facing criminal charges, cooperate with the child protection worker
  • the worker has a right to speak to the child alone, let the child speak to the worker
  • don’t tell the child what to say, let the child speak frankly and honestly with the worker
  • if the investigation is on-going, and the file has not been closed, then ask for a copy of the contents of the child protection file on an ongoing basis
  • address any concerns about your health and overall well-being immediately, this may mean getting help with counselling, addictions residential treatment or working with your family doctor and other professionals