Hourly Fee
I charge fees by the hour because I cannot predict how long a matter may take to complete or if complications arise how easily they will be resolved.

Fixed / Flat Rate Fee
Occasionally, if I know in advance with fair certainty how much a service will cost, I may consider agreeing to a fixed or flat fee. Should things change or complications arise during the matter, I will change the fixed fee to an hourly fee and will inform the client accordingly.

The client is responsible for expenses, known as disbursements that I have to pay on their behalf. Such expenses include

  • the fees required to file documents at the court
  • the cost for expert reports
  • long-distance telephone calls
  • courier charges
  • photocopying
  • witness fees
  • interpreter and translator's fees

Depending on the complexity of the case, clients may expect to pay upfront to secure my services a retainer fee. Partial refunds are given to the client if the total sum of fees and disbursements is less than the retainer fee.

Unbundled Services
When the legal matter can be broken down into parts and the client wants me to work on a very specific and clear part only, I may consider doing so.